Tomcat's server.xml problems!

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Tomcat's server.xml problems!

Postby sridhar270 » 22. May 2006 13:01

I am having a few problems in setting up the Tomcat add-on to XAMPP.
1) How do I modify the directory where Tomcat looks for the servlets classes?
Currently, it looks only in \tomcat\webapps\servlets-examples\WEB-INF\classes. I want to change it!

2) How do I set the DefaultContext?
When I try to add this to the server.xml file - <DefaultContext reloadable="true"/>, there is no effect. I am forced to reload Tomcat everytime I recompile any Java servlet file.

3) How do I enable the Invoker Servlet?
I tried out what this page ( ... ot-Context) says, but then tomcat crashes. I do not want to update the web.xml file everytime I create a new servlet...but currently that's the only way I am able to make them run.

Could you kindly help me as soon as possible with these issues?

Thanks in advance!!

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