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Nuke PMs Crash Server

PostPosted: 22. May 2006 00:12
by bky
Ok, I am using Xampp on my windows 2000 server. I recently installed Nuke-Evo (a fork of PHP-Nuke), and whenever I read my PMs it causes apache to go to 100% CPU usage and to stop serving files until I reboot. Using the Apache monitor to restart apache doesn't work (it restarts, but still uses 100%). No error logs (that I can find) are made when this happens...

I have always gotten a similar error with my wiki; sometimes when I go to the wiki it causes apache to “crash”- windows displays a error saying that apache has had a problem and needed to close (or something along those lines). Once again, no errors are made.

Yes I do know where the error logs are- they just contain nothing relating to my errors. Does anyone know why such strange crashes are occurring?