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Postby WorldDrknss » 13. May 2006 14:17

My fellow xamppers,
Some of you may or may not know that http://xampptutorials.com was down for a few days, but we are now back up with a fresh new look and new forums. We have been working extremely hard the past few days and we have managed to get the flash tutorials, written tutorials, and the VirtualHost and Hosts Generators back online. The only things left is to finish the downloads, get the forums rolling and later on get some great mods.

There is only one request set by "Wiedmann" the great forum moderator here is that there will NOT be any cross posting, if I find any cross post that thread will be locked or deleted.

So please help us once again to reach 600+ members and to give back to the xampp community.


Thanks Oswald for XAMPP
Thanks Wiedmann for all the help
Keep up the good work.
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Xampp Tutorials is BACK!!

Postby Sidetrack » 02. June 2006 02:12

Xampp Tutorials was down for a bit due to unfornately server hardware failure.. This problem was rectified and is now BACK up.. This site was super helpful when I was first starting with Xampp and Apache.. The owner is very helpful and he is working on new Moderators and ways to help the Xampp community. The site has been revampped and Works quite well.. Thanx to Worlddrknss, My own network is running sweet and I was just made moderator as I am learning more and more everyday.. Thanx to Worlddrkness and ApacheFriends and Xampptuturials.com for all the help.. PLEASE, if you get stuck and need help, or want to donate your Experience, Check it out. its worth your time.. Atleast I think so!

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