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PostPosted: 13. May 2006 00:41
by R.Hermans
I'm trying to look into a Perl script using telnet but when I try to connect to:


It tells me that it can not connect on port 23. What port is Perl using?

PostPosted: 13. May 2006 12:01
by Wiedmann
Perl is a programming language and not a server.

PostPosted: 13. May 2006 16:19
by R.Hermans
Then could you tell me how to look into a .cgi script using telnet couse I'm used to connect to port 23.

PostPosted: 15. May 2006 19:54
by capitalfellow

For that to have worked your localhost computer would have needed to be running a telnet server. You need to find a computer running a telnet server and have your cgi script connect to that machine.