New user warning newbie with dumb questions...

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New user warning newbie with dumb questions...

Postby tzmedia » 12. May 2006 19:07

Here goes... hey I'm new to Xampp, my name is ty, in fact i haven't installed the program yet. In my search for a test server for a windows xp home machine, I've installed but haven't really used the Abyss server from
But Xampp seems to be very highly thought of esp over there at

I would like to install applications and regular dotNet stuff too someday. Abyss already has full support fo dotNet, they are claiming.

Anyways enough about that, I've got to tear into some .PHP applications because they are just too cool, and are outpacing .NET applications, IMO.

dumb questions:
Is there a full english forum someplace?
All I'm seeing here is german, maybe I'm guessing?
Running the page through babelfish for English does a good job translating stuff, but the pages with form's don't seem to work, like searches.

Does anybody have any latest info for people interested in running asp/NET? Just curious.

Anybody has a favorite CMS application go ahead and recommend one, I'm confused enough, what's one more recommendation.

Any feedback or experiences from people who have migrated their test app's to a full-blown IIS host, I'd like to hear about that too.

the Apache Friends website looks very well designed, I like it :)
Now if I can just figure out whether to click vorschau or absenden...
here goes nothin'... ooops musta been absenden try x2
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Postby Meisam » 14. May 2006 09:20

apachefriends in english:
for the forums in english change your settings in the profile page to english and post here for all english questions:
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Postby capitalfellow » 15. May 2006 19:46

As for content management that is a very specific problem. You are going to have to define what your requirements or goals are. Try to evaluate some on your own.
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