Setting PW and phpmyadmin works not CD

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Setting PW and phpmyadmin works not CD

Postby NetRover » 12. May 2006 01:06

Hi all, I have just started this for the first time.

I started php and mysql and everything worked fine.

I want to make things more secure so I used the security section to set a password for mysql.

If I use phpmyadmin the password works fine but if I click the CD Collection to test it I get "Could not connect to database!
Is MySQL running or did you change the password?"

I can't work out why it stops connecting with a password.

I have looked at the console commands and cmd commands but can't seem to run any of these.

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Postby capitalfellow » 15. May 2006 19:58

The test applications are configured not to require a password. Since XAMPP is a development environment the focus is on ease of use & features. Now that you've secured the environment, you'll need to edit the CD application script under:


and add the username and password to mysql_connect on line 4.
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