XAMPP with PHP 5.1.4

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XAMPP with PHP 5.1.4

Postby mrblackbirdus » 09. May 2006 21:17

At first excuse me for my bad english!
I have XAMPP 1.5.1 on WinXP and I need to upgrade this version with php 5.1.4.
What's the way to do it? What' the way to do upgrade sigle application in XAMPP?
I'm trying to overwrite the old php with the new one, but I have a lot of error.
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Postby capitalfellow » 11. May 2006 04:30

It is not easy to upgrade PHP. This is not something a beginner should do. You will have to know how to compile a software program in Windows to do it. If you have the knowledge and experience to do these tasks contact Apache Friends on IRC
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