Blank phpmyadmin fields

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Blank phpmyadmin fields

Postby Mr_PieChee » 05. May 2006 10:50

ok, i'm real confuses now! i'm making a site for a college project. its basically a photo viewer. i uploaded it all home so i could work on it with a half decant screen and some more prefered programs (Ooo and on a comp that doesn't crash, stall, log me off, crash, crash some more etc). any way at school most of it worked. i could upload files, create folders for them and that was all fine.

but now (at home) when i try to create a folder it just leaves all but the ID field blank. i have all my registered globals declared (thats a prob i had before), but can't work out what it could be.

all the images are stored in the same folder on the server, but have a folder name in a table whihc they are assigned to. i'm running XAMPP if you haddn't guessed, any help would be appeciated, and just ask if you want to know anything else.
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