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Xampp and Mercury Mail

PostPosted: 03. May 2006 13:28
by Drum
I have installed Xampp for Wndows on my server.
Everything looks to work fine but my mail mail doesn't work :(
Local I can send an email tot user@localhost but when I try to mail outsite I get the following error from the Mercury SMTP Client:

Temporary error 249 (temporary MX resolution error) resolving ''

I've tried some other emailaddresses too but none of them seem to work.
What can I do?

PostPosted: 07. May 2006 14:16
by Heini_net
hm. do you use a router ? you must enter your internet ip if you have a stay-connection or your dhcp-server (or dns-server) for connecting outside for resolving the domains. but if you have a dynamic-ip so your Ip are blacklistet and you can't send mails to hotmail, gmx etc.. so you need a relay-service..

Enter your DNS Adress on Configuration / MercuryE SMTP Client (End to end smtp client) at Name-Servers.

If you don't have the MercuryE Smtp Client Module so you must enable it on Configuration/Protocols.

Sorry for my bad english but i hope i can help you with this infos.

PostPosted: 08. May 2006 11:35
by Killerfrog
my guest is that hotmail doesn't let people getting their email other way than their own protocol