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my website is really slowing down

PostPosted: 01. May 2006 21:07
by sa3bin
my website is really slowing down, what can i do??i have xampp-win32-1.5.0-pl1installed. i run php-fussion 306 on it..sometimes when users go to my site either they get server timeout or its noticebly slowed down..remarks welcome.

Its going to be slow...

PostPosted: 02. May 2006 00:02
by MAGnUm
you are serving off of what looks like a DSL connection. Buy FIOS or a T1 if you are concerned about the speed, or just deal :)

In all seriousness DSL is not designed for hosting, nor is Cable. if you want to host pay for a better connection, or a shared/ dedicated server.

Sorry i couldnt be more helpful.

your other option is to cut down on the complexity of your code and less images and you will see an improvement. the initial responce from your server is decent, but the pages are huge.

PostPosted: 02. May 2006 11:39
by sa3bin
:? that stinks..appreciate your response. :roll:

PostPosted: 04. May 2006 16:49
by capitalfellow
XAMPP is a development environment. IT IS NOT FOR PRODUCTION HOSTING. It has not been tuned for security or speed. It's best if you just pay a hosting provider that will not only be able to provide bandwidth and properly configured server whether shared, virtual or dedicated.