Local website can not view

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Local website can not view

Postby speedracer » 25. April 2006 02:22

From xampptutorials website
Can't view your site with your domain name, but everyone else can?
For those who are using domain names and everyone else but you can see your website.

The solution for this is to open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and open the hosts file in notepad.

After the entry of localhost add yourdomain

so it looks something like: localhost mydomain.com

I searched and this comes very close to my problem but adding the entry results in the same error below.

Any other computer can see the site but the computer where it is hosted will get directed to the firewall (Solaris 10).

Xampp computer
(1)localhost --> xampp default (perfect - locked to localhost only - virtualhost for mydomain.com)
(2) --> sends me to mydomain.com but then every image is error pointing to the firewall.
(3)use mydomain.com errors wanting to go to firewall ip
(4)use mydomain.com with host added - same error

Outside the firewall - works fine
Local computer connected (behind firewall) - works fine

If I ping mydomain.com with the host settings I get the correct
If I ping without the host settings I get the correct DNS

So the problem is on the xampp computer I can not access the domain. Everywhere esle I can (odd.. lol since it is usually the otherway aorund)

Any sugestions?
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