HTML::MASON and Template Toolkit

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HTML::MASON and Template Toolkit

Postby rtafoya » 19. July 2003 08:12

Thanks for a great Win32 bundle! The installation went perfectly and all the services started without a problem.

Can HTML::MASON and Template Toolkit be easily added to my WAMPP installation?
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I think that it is HTML::Toolkit

Postby chanio » 02. August 2003 09:17

:lol: Hi, just type this at the command line
ppm HTML::Mason
or inside
, do
search HTML::Mason
and check the way of writing it . Then
install HTML::Mason
to install it with previous testing of the module. and finish exiting ...

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Using ppm on a Windows box

Postby auto8448 » 05. November 2003 21:54

I have been trying an number of things to figure out why I can't use ppm on my Windows 2000 box.

I followed the instructions, and the basic functionality works (apache, mysql, the cgi test scripts), but from the command line I just can't get ppm to work.

I consistently get an error message:

C:\xampp\perl\bin>ppm HTML::Mason
Failed to load PPM_DAT file
Can't use an undefined value as a SCALAR reference at C:/xampp/perl/site/lib/ line 1649, <DATA> line 40.

As you can see, I have cd'ed to the xampp\perl\bin directory where ppm.bat and live. I haven't set any system variables or anything, and while I have tried to check out C:/xampp/perl/site/lib/ at line 1649, it doesn't really mean anything to me:

return unless $$PPDfile;

I would really appreciate any assistance anyone could give me some ideas about how to get ppm to work.
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Hope that you have solved the PPM problem!

Postby chanio » 12. November 2003 06:54

I hope that you have solved the PPM problem.
Perl is highly documented (it is the only doc that comes with this distro).
Try searching start X:\xampp\perl\html\index.html and you'll see some docs that would clear all your mind. Look at the FAQs, search about PPM and ¿see down at your left bar? Those names are the Perl Modules that you have already installed with your ActivePerl distribution. Clicking on any of them is going to show you some snipets to use in your script to have certain premade functionalities.
At your x:/per/bin folder there are a lot of command line scripts that can help you improve the poor Win32 command line.
If ppm is not working, try ppm2 that is a simpler version, but does what is required, get some modules installed from the CPAN / Active-Perl WWW sites.
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