How to add HTML::Template

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How to add HTML::Template

Postby Jon » 19. July 2003 06:36

Is it possible to add the HTML::Template module to wampp? If so, can someone explain step-by-step how to do it?

ppm HTML::Template

Postby chanio » 02. August 2003 08:58

ppm HTML::Template

If you are connected , that might be enough.
You can also, do it by steps...
at the command line, call ppm...

then inside ppm...(starts like this: ppm> )
search HTML::Template

then lists what finds... now you write...
install HTML::Template

it installs good (see the tests) and finally, you get out ...

It works great, but read the tutorial at...
(do the examples, first, and check)

Hope that it would help
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