password on global access

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password on global access

Postby fatalicus » 17. April 2006 11:50

hey peepz! ( XD )

yesterday i downloaded the xampp full pack and installed it.
it workes just fine (more than just fine actully.. it works exelent!) on the localhost, and on the other computers on the network (to access the webserver i mean)

but when i try to access the webserver from outside the network i get a page saying:
"This unit is password protected

Please enter the correct password to access the web pages"
and a text box and a button with the text "authenticate" is there...
i tried every password i use on the server itself, and the password i have set on the xampp config pages (the username and password to access the config pages) but nothing works...

is there a way to remove this, since the server is supposed to be public?
and more importantly, what's the damn password?? XD

other than that the pack is very good..

ntw. if you want to see the page i talk about, go to it should appear there..
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Postby Wiedmann » 17. April 2006 11:56

"This unit is password protected

I think this is the auth page from your router or something else.

This is not from XAMPP!
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Postby fatalicus » 17. April 2006 12:29

it's kind of weird since i haven't seen this page before (even with this ruter)
and i don't have remote administration or anything else that should cause the ruter to interfere with web requests (exept that it forwards port 80 to my server)...

ah well.. i have sent a support message to D-Link.. maybe they know something..

thx anyways ^_^
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