how to install MySQL 4.x with XAMPPlite 1.5.1 -CREloaded err

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how to install MySQL 4.x with XAMPPlite 1.5.1 -CREloaded err

Postby simonearly » 14. April 2006 19:12


I am trying to install CRELoaded 6.2 pro on XAMPP lite 1.5.1 (with the MySQL version 5.1.18).

I go through the wizard setup and on stage 4 I get the following error:


Welcome to CRE Loaded 6.2 Pro Installation Wizard! Select Langauge: EnglishDeutschFrenchEspañol

New Installation

Database Import

1067 - Invalid default value for 'dt'

CREATE TABLE visual_verify_code ( oscsid varchar(32) NOT NULL, code varchar(6) NOT NULL, dt TIMESTAMP(12) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'CURDATE()', PRIMARY KEY (oscsid) ) TYPE=MyISAM;


now of course, I can alter the script to remove the requirement of "default", but if I do this and the rest of the install goes well, when I open up the client side (ie the catalogue) I get the following (under articles) ...

I think it might be due to CRELoaded 6.2 not working under MySQL 5.x, if so, are there any work-arounds? or how can i download and install an earlier version of MySQL with XAMPPlite 1.5.1 ?



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Postby potain » 17. April 2006 12:54


I too think that my problems with Vtiger may be becuase of MySQL 5.

Would you please advise if there is a an earlier version of XAMPP with MySQL 4.0 or instructions on how to install it on the latest version of XAMPP .

Thank you

Jean Perombelon
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Postby potain » 17. April 2006 13:11


Just found this link for XAMPP Windows 1.4.7:

and I am downloading it now. The question do I need to uninstall v 1.51 or can I istall on top of it.

Thank you
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Postby simonearly » 18. April 2006 11:43

go to the Apache friends forum. There, they will tell you how to do it.
basically, you download MySQL 1.4.x from the site, install it as a windows service, then using the XAMPPlite control panel, disable the MySQL 5.x service and stop it auto-running.

you then need to reinstall CREloaded6.2 plus all the patches as if it was a clean install.

then, stop and start everything and you will be using MySQL 4.x and everything will work fine!

worked for me!
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