My own form is trying to change root password!

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My own form is trying to change root password!

Postby janne-t » 11. April 2006 16:20

I'm using XAMPP as my server software - obviously.. :D

I have this code on my page - only this! nothing else!

Code: Select all
<form method="post" action="">
  <input type="password" id="1"/><br />
  Salasana uudestaan:
  <input type="password" id="2" /><br />
  <input type="submit" value="Rekisteröidy" />

When I put different passwords in boxes, box appears!

!EDIT Picture Updated

It asks "Would you like to change saved root password?".

Bug? appears only with Firefox (tested IE and Opera too) and only on my own server.. I posted problem to local forum and one other guy had also seen similar thing this morning.

Hope that here is someone who knows solution to this problem.
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Postby Wiedmann » 11. April 2006 16:45

It asks "Would you like to change saved root password?". Bug?

Where is the problem? You have saved the formdata (name and password) in in your browser. and now you are using another password for that user. So the browser ask you, if he shoud save the new password or hold the old one. Normal behaviour.

BTW your HTML is not valid:
- no value for the "action" attribute
- and it makes no sense to use two input fields without different "name" attributes.
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You misunderstood me.

Postby janne-t » 11. April 2006 17:01

The code I posted is THE ONLY THING in page - eg. NOTHING ELSE is in the page containing form. From has no action defined.
File above is the whole page producing bug! Bug appears only on my own server (according to other forum discussions, four other people has been able to produce the same bug), not external and only with Firefox!

Nothing has been saved anywhere.

Bug simply happens if I have two password-fields on same form and I put two different values on them. Then it asks if I would like to change my XAMMP root password. (And the form has NOTHING to do with the XAMPP - it's simply a form).

Picture has been outdated, now it simply shows up the box coming up. Code in my first post is simplyfield version from the original version, just to demonstrate the problem.

!EDIT - I updated the picture !

BTW! Code is not valid becouse it's only for demonstration - minimum amount of code to reproduce the bug!
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