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Global Access to server!!?!?!???? H E L P

PostPosted: 02. April 2006 18:30
My website cannot be accessed by others outside my local network!

Ive set up a server with XAMPP about 30 times now, tried different things etc, the PC it is at is running windows 2000, and does not have any anti-virus or firewall protection.
At first I tried opening up port 80 at my router, and it had no effect, so I told apache to listen at port 81, and did the corresponding changes in my router settings by allowing port 81 at the servers IP. But still, absolutely no effect.

So what do I do now so that everyone can access it? :?: :?: :?:

PostPosted: 02. April 2006 19:28
by thorsin
you have to enable NAT (network adress translation sometimes called port-forwarding) for port 80 on your router too!

PostPosted: 02. April 2006 19:54
Dude, thats what Ive already done:


PostPosted: 03. April 2006 18:01
Come on!
Someones gotta have some kind of answer on this :?

PostPosted: 04. April 2006 09:21
by thorsin
ok, i understood your "opened up port 80" as opened it in the firewall...
so try opening port 80 (81) in your firewall

PostPosted: 04. April 2006 15:17
First opened 80 as normal, then configured apache over to port 81 IN CASE MY ISP was blocking it, still bo result!!!

So what to do now?

PostPosted: 04. April 2006 15:27
by Kolle
Doesn`t seem like anyone are answering our questions. And can`t find answers other places, so maby just tr another server program. I am having a project at school right now, and i need a server. But just cant make it work :(

PostPosted: 04. April 2006 15:28
by Wiedmann
configured apache over to port 81 IN CASE MY ISP was blocking it, still bo result!!!

They can block this port too. And now? ...

You are allowed to have an own server at home by your isp?

PostPosted: 04. April 2006 22:57
I dont know, arent sure, but nothing says I CANT, and Ive tried other ports than that too, the ISP is the best in Norway considering quality etc, so Im guessing theyre not blocking ppl from that, and Im able to run remote desktop etc so it should be possible??

Changing ports doesnt help, other programs like XAMPP doesnt help + they arent really any good, and manual apache etc doesnt help either..

Ive tried this on 2 different PCs and trough a virtual windows 2003 server installation on vmware with NAT networking

localhost or machine IP

PostPosted: 12. April 2006 20:04
by Pho3nix
Just a quick question, how have you set-up the apache server, as localhost ( or by network IP?

if you told apache to listen on port 81, did you also add this to the end of the address? ??

it might sound strange but try and enableing PING on WAN Port.

maybe you've tried all this stuff, may be not. i hope i'm not teaching you to suck eggs! if so, sorry.

all the best.

PostPosted: 25. April 2006 00:38
by bendudefu
Do you have a Static IP? If not try

PostPosted: 25. April 2006 06:31
by WorldDrknss