Can't run Apache, MySQL in Control Panel, but runs with .bat

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Can't run Apache, MySQL in Control Panel, but runs with .bat

Postby chrisplarz » 31. March 2006 15:47

I installed copied versions of Xammplite (includes site files) on my desktop and laptop but I'm getting different behavior between the two environments. It runs fine on my laptop, but on my desktop continues to error.

Background: I manually installed Apache and MySQL on my desktop a while ago. Never on my laptop. Before installing Xammp, I removed both Apache and MySQL through Windows Add/Remove. I installed XammpLite at the C:/ but I continue to get the error:

Error: MySql service not started [-1]

in the Control Panel whenever I click 'Start'. I can start it through the batch files, but I'd like be able to administer it through the Control Panel.

This error doesn't occur on my laptop, yet their copied environments of each other. Any ideas? Thx :?
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