Help needed to setup server on LAN without Internet Access.

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Help needed to setup server on LAN without Internet Access.

Postby Hardy159 » 27. March 2006 13:12

First this is what i want my server to do:

1. It has to work on my LAN and it does that now (LAN IP:
2. It has to host my websites on this server untill they are finnished to be uploaded to the server with access to the Internet.

When i upload a shop or other webpage (oscommerce, Joomla, Mambo or Osdate) to eg. c:/xampp/htdocs/test/*.* on my server. And afterwards run install.php in it and I fill out the various install items i run into a problem afterwards.

It has to build a Mysql Database which it does but it gets located in c:/xampp/mysql/data/ "the databasename i gave it" /*.*

And after having removed the files it says i must remove and I try to get in contact with the desired web program again then i suddenly do not have any access to it no matter what i do?

How should i do it. I think i am in need of some basic knowledge here which probably is simple to most of You.

Thanks in advance from STUPID
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