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XAMPP & ColdFusion MX 7

PostPosted: 26. March 2006 16:44
by Moso
Hi everbody! :D

I would like to try ColdFusion MX 7 with XAMPP.

But when I tried to install ColdFusion it appears not recognise/setup the Apache from XAMPP... :cry:

Anyone already made ColdFusion MX 7 work with XAMPP?

Any tips are welcome. :roll:

Thanking in advance, :wink:


PostPosted: 27. March 2006 09:47
by LANtastic
I'm currently trying to do the same ... but no success.

While installing CF I select Apache as Server

Conf Dir : c:\xampp\apache\conf
Path to bin-file : c:\xampp\apache\bin\apache.exe

CF Install finishes without any problems and the last screen tells me :
Your web server and/or does not appear to be running.
Once you habe started your it you can continue your installation by logging in to the Configuration Wizwar at

But ...
I cant start my apache server do to the following problem :

If I start apache via my console i get an error :

Apache syntax error on line 518 of C:/xampp/apache/httpd.conf:
Cannot load c:/xampp/apache/CFusionmx7/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/ into server:
Die angegebene Prozedur wurde nicht gefunden (<-- Same as : "The specified procedure has not been found")

Obviously there seems to be another problem, as the file exists and is located in the correct folder.
I also tried to copy that file in my modules folder and modified the "load_module" pointing to the copied file in my modules folder, but no success.
Same error, except :
Apache syntax error on line 518 of C:/xampp/apache/httpd.conf:
Cannot load c:/xampp/apache/modules/ into server: blablabla

Does anybody have a solution for this ?

What is the meaning of the error "procedure not found" ???

PostPosted: 30. March 2006 02:00
by Moso
Any ideas on how to make ColdFusion and XAMPP work together? :roll:

PostPosted: 30. March 2006 11:33
by LANtastic
At this thime, there is no way to make both servers work together.

The current XAMP 1.5.1 is based on Apache 2.2.x and that's exactly the problem. MM/Adobe only support Apache up to Version 2.0.43 and higher.

CFMX's used Mod_Jrun20 is not recognized by Apache 2.2

There are currently only 2 workarounds :

1. Compile your own new Connector
Not impossible, but 100% NOT supported by MM/Adobe

2. Install CFMX as standalone Server and connect it via it's own port, i.e. http://localhost:85000/index.cfm

As long as MM/Adobe do not update their connector, you have no possibility to make run both servers together, as you know it from previous versions.

PostPosted: 30. March 2006 13:14
by Moso
Hi LANtastic! :D

Thanks for the info! :wink:

Maybe if we contact Macromedia and ask for an updated connector for Apache 2.2.x they do it... :roll:

PostPosted: 30. March 2006 22:23
by LANtastic
I had a small conversation with one of the developers. They know about that problem, but as far as I understood, it will take some time, as Apache 2.2 is quite a new release.

IMHO it will take 1-2 Months, before there will be a supported jrun connector.

PostPosted: 24. November 2006 15:25
by tbogard
i have the answer here: ... al-tiempo/

you can use google to traslate from spanish to english. i hope it be usefull and fun :wink: