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Windows 98...

PostPosted: 25. March 2006 20:30
by chiefbutz
Alright I am trying to install XAMPP on a Windows 98SE laptop, for testing purposes. I can't remember the exact error, but Apache can't start it has ot do with the line in the http.conf file where you specify the port it uses. It says it can't attach, or something or other like that. Can anyone help?

PostPosted: 25. March 2006 21:55
by Wiedmann
Without an exact error message? No.

(Guessing don't help anybody...)

PostPosted: 25. March 2006 23:08
by chiefbutz
Valid point *grabs laptop and sets it up in front of main computer*

Ok the error says this:
[Sat Mar 25 17:17:57 2006] [crit] (OS 10106)Unrecognized Win32 error code 10106: alloc_listener: failed to get a socket for (null)
Syntax error on line 53 of C:/xampplite/apache/conf/httpd.conf
Listen setup failed

Line 53 of httpd.conf says
Code: Select all
Listen 80

PostPosted: 25. March 2006 23:30
by Wiedmann
This laptop have a network connection?
You have installed the Winsock2 Update for Win98?

IMHO you have a problem with the TCP/IP driver for the networkcard. Try to reinstall the network drivers.

PostPosted: 26. March 2006 12:42
by chiefbutz
No it is not connected to a network. It does have a dial up modem, but it is not used. The Win sock 2 Update is only needed for Windows 95 according to everything I have seen. Including Microsoft's website.

PostPosted: 26. March 2006 13:02
by Wiedmann
No it is not connected to a network

That's a problem. You need a working network interface and valid ip for this interface if you want to start a server.

You should install the virtual loopback interface.

PostPosted: 26. March 2006 13:04
by chiefbutz
And I get that where?

PostPosted: 26. March 2006 13:10
by Wiedmann
It's part of your Windows:
Network properties --> Add network interface --> vendor Microsoft ...

Sorry, I have no Windows 98 at the moment.

PostPosted: 26. March 2006 13:15
by chiefbutz
So you mean like this, except i do it in Windows 98?

Nope doesn't work. The only drivers show when I go there are the following:

Dial-Up Adapter
Microsoft PPP over ATM Adapter
Microsoft Virtual Private Networking Adapter

PostPosted: 26. March 2006 13:26
by Wiedmann
The loopback adapter is available for every Windows. Please look in your system documentation or ask microsoft (eg. knowledge base or newsgroup) to find it.

PostPosted: 26. March 2006 14:27
by chiefbutz
Alright, and that should do it? That will make it work. Thank you! Vielen Danke!