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strange problem with WAN access...

PostPosted: 16. March 2006 13:28
by asimpleheart
I am not sure where the problem lies, but I will tell you that I have done all this before and I am sure that it is possible for me to host a webserver, however it has not worked with either WAMP or XAMPP this time around :(

Basically, everything is set up fine and I can access my site via localhost and my LAN, as well as on other computers in my house via my LAN, but I cannot access the site via my WAN or the no-ip address I set up.

This is what I have done:
1.)Forwarded port 80 on my router
2.)Opened port 80 on my firewall
3.)Set up a static ip on my pc for my LAN

I have tried:
1.)Turning off completely both my router and pc firewalls
2.)Setting up DMZ on my ip

Whenever I personally try to access it, I always get time out errors. I've had a few friends attempt to access it; they often get 404 errors or a site asking for a username and password to access 'index.htm' however, the passwords I have set up for my servers or router do not work so I am not sure where it is directing them.

Any help to fix this problem or any direction as to where the problem may lie would be greatly appreciated! If it would be easier to communicate via MSN messenger my sn is and my AIM is asimpleheart. Thank you so much!!!!! This has been driving me crazy :cry: