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report generation in php

PostPosted: 16. March 2006 05:58
by vinothika
Can we generate Reports in PHP???

PostPosted: 16. March 2006 11:46
by cj_nza
The way in which you ask the question does not make an answer easy.

PHP is a server side scripting language, thus

To the question can PHP be used to generate reports, the answer is yes.
To the question can PHP be used to generate report XYZ, the answer is not known since you provide no detail in your post regarding the intended report you are interested in generating.

reg. report generation

PostPosted: 18. March 2006 12:42
by vinothika
Regarding report generation, the question is..
"Whether we can able generate the reports like in MS-Access.." for example suppose if i am doing sales order processing i want to generate the daily report...(delivery report, stock level, stock alert) how is it done???