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Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class config in C:\Apache\xamp

PostPosted: 15. March 2006 22:57
by Atomicus2
Hi, i'm a bit new in xamp thing, that's my first instal ever, i must say i think i goonna like it, but i got some problem, when i try to open my pages i htdocs, i got something like that:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class config in C:\Apache\xampp\php\pear\Config.php on line 43

As to be clear:
1) I type http://localhost/mypage/
2) Page works on phptriad and some maunaly instaled apache with php
3) It happens for all of directories in htdocs except defult ones.
4) I got 1.5.1 with addons version.

What is that? Sorry if its lame question, but I've used triad wich was "fire and use" and I did not care about conf problems or enything else just writing php.

I did use search button, with no answer.