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Cannot connect to the website

PostPosted: 13. March 2006 20:45
by Jouw
I'm running a XAMPP 1.5.1 installation. For some reason, whenever I use my Internet IP to connect to the server, I get a blank page. Nothing else. If I use or localhost, it works. What's wrong? Could this be because our Internet is connected on another computer and we are using Windows Internet Connection Sharing so I can also use it on mine?

PostPosted: 13. March 2006 20:48
by DarthCrap
are u using the service to start xampp, or are u manually opening apache_start.bat?

PostPosted: 14. March 2006 01:52
by Jouw
DarthCrap wrote:are u using the service to start xampp, or are u manually opening apache_start.bat?

I have both the Service and Apache running (in xampp_control.exe the Svc checkbox is checked and beside Apache is a "stop" button

I am having same problem...

PostPosted: 14. March 2006 15:33
by currang am wartching the thread with interest.

Have you tried working through: see if it helps?

PostPosted: 22. March 2006 00:55
by xudzh
hey i got blank page too, after upgrade to 1.5
i installed apache and mysql as services.

the status page works fine, and also phpmyadmin.

so i set my document root in apache config file and my index.htm with no php works. but when i try to access my forum (phpbb integramod) I get a blank page. checked the page source and there's nothing. I am using localhost though. don't even work (firefox says cannot find server)

I'll try to go back to 1.4 and see what happens

PostPosted: 22. March 2006 01:26
by xudzh
great, now even my old version isn't working...

next time i should just be happy with what i have...

never upgrade xampp again...

PostPosted: 23. March 2006 10:32
by WorldDrknss