no reply--some forum

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no reply--some forum

Postby jockkerr » 09. March 2006 00:04

i posted a request for help on the 16th feb and have had no replies to date

typical web
unless you are known nobody talks

waste of time and space :cry: :oops: :oops:
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Postby cj_nza » 09. March 2006 01:40

unless you are known nobody talks

Not really, we all start as unknowns

waste of time and space

Some truth in that, however this forum is great specifically because most questions here get useful responses or none at all. There is in my opinion a tendancy towards only answering questions where it is possible to diagnose and suggest fixes for the problem that will work more often than not. And yes it means that not all questions gets a response within a short space of time, but in my opinion bettter than someone suggeting you do a disk defrag and reboot irrespective of your problem, as a result a lot less waste of time and space than the alternative.
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