How to Activate SSI's? Why is PHP intermitently active?

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How to Activate SSI's? Why is PHP intermitently active?

Postby ivi » 06. March 2006 13:42

We have just installed XAMPP 1.5.1 onto a Win 2000 Pro system.

Tests suggest that most of it works well... with a big BUT:

- Server Side Includes (SSI) stays "Deactived,"
ie, according to XAMPP's Status screen

- although PHP works for XAMPP's own local web pages,
a very simple test of PHP (taken from a book on PHP)
do not work for us; page displays without PHP's parts.

So, we wonder:

1a. How to Activate Server Side Includes (SSI)?

1b. How to confirm SSI's functionality (afterwards)?

2. How to get PHP to work for our textbook examples?


PS Has anyone added "Ruby on Rails" or any FOSS
eCommerce package to XAMPP (on Windows)?

We're thinking of an osCommerce-like package.
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Postby darkjetx » 14. March 2006 19:44

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