How to enable absolute path?

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How to enable absolute path?

Postby Cyrus » 03. March 2006 19:15

I just installed XAMPP to test my site offline. But, I just noticed that absolute path is not working.

Example : I want to call a spacer.gif from the images folder, so the path would be "/images/spacer.gif" but its not working. However, using relative path "images/spacer.gif" works...

I would like to know is there anyway to enable the absolute path?
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Postby Dave_L » 03. March 2006 23:47

What's the full file system path for spacer.gif, and how exactly are you referencing it in HTML?
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Postby Cyrus » 04. March 2006 02:16

The full system path would be D:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\images\spacer.gif and I'm referring it using <img src="/images/spacer.gif" />
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Postby tjthedj » 04. March 2006 05:57

it should already be enabled it works fine on my system when i do that.

on my machine that image with /images/spacer.gif
would draw from here

o, i think i know the problem,

r u typing localhost in the browser address bar or are u just opening the page by doouble clicking the page in the htdocs folder?
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Postby Cyrus » 05. March 2006 14:08

Problem solved...

It seems that I forgot to setup a virtualhost to call the file..

Thanks for the help anyway :)
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