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XAMPP and phpdoc

Postby mari » 02. March 2006 13:34

Any experience on how to make phpDocumentor work in XAMPP? It seems I can't do it.
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old PHPDocumentor version in XAMPP

Postby MikeCoughlin » 23. April 2007 00:35

I can't get it to work, either ... After playing with PATHs all day, I observed the following.

The current XAMPP 1.6.1 version of PHPDocumentor is still only version 1.3.1, though version 1.3.2 has been out for years ... and is stated to be "stable" (by the authors). Why isn't the current PHPDocumentor version distributed with XAMPP ?

There appear to be PATH errors in the XAMPP PHPdoc.bat on lines 16, 72 and 98.

Line 16 points to the PHP5 CLI; I think I read that PHPDocumentor expects PHP4 CLI. I tried both. More .dll library errors are thrown (apparently missing) with the PHP5 CLI.

I tried an edited \user\default.ini
I tried: phpdoc -c default.ini
I tried: phpdoc -c targetFile.php
etc. etc.

No matter which combination I tried, I got:
ERROR: nothing parsed

Though the examples did not quote the directory paths, I'll explore that, next ... ?

I used to have this working - a couple of years ago (with v. 1.3.2, btw), but not any more. What a pain ...

` hope this helps ?
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Postby Wiedmann » 23. April 2007 00:49

though version 1.3.2 has been out for years

Release date: 2007-04-13

And that was after the release of XAMPP 1.6.1-beta: 2007-04-10
There are only bugfixes between beta and final release of a package.

(BTW: There are other things in XAMPP ehich are really outdated ;-) )

About PEAR:
If someone really works with PEAR, it's a good idea to delete the one from XAMPP and install a fresh PEAR from scratch.
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