PHP not interpreting files

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PHP not interpreting files

Postby OwenWatson » 01. March 2006 10:40

My .php files aren't being interpreted coming out of Apache 2.2 with the latest xampp distro (Win2K). However, putting in a new file with the usual phpinfo() with the same .php extension, brings up the full enchilada.

I'm very puzzled. . .
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Postby alucard01 » 02. March 2006 18:50

It seems that your PHP code can run when phpinfo() is ok.

Can you please show to us your PHP code and where do you put it? maybe that's the cause.

Hope it helps.
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Postby OwenWatson » 03. March 2006 02:17

Was doing lots of
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="PHP"> include ("//Fileserver/site/incl/"); </SCRIPT>

(the PHP calls are in this format because NVU mangles the more common <? ?> format)

I was running Apache as a service under a domain admin account (with the ability to run as a service) and obviously Fileserver was another PC, where the account was also a domain admin. One day it just refused to work. . .

BTW, I don't know whether you're connected with xampp, but could instructions include a more informative bit on doing upgrades? If they're there, I didn't see them.
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