Help Needed

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Help Needed

Postby XamppRocks » 26. February 2006 17:29

I Am New To This Site
I Know Only English So I Cant Understand thee articles in other language

I Like the software ull have made and made it easy for making a computer a server

But i am new to this

can ull help me

i need help in the following things
- Can i use xampp as a server for a hosting company
- How do i add diffrent websites and connect it to the server
- How do i make a name server
- Do i have to add stuff apache conf file to add domains to the server
- Ftp Settings Instructions
- Mail Server Settings Instructions

Plz help

Thank You :D
I Love Xampp Its Rocking
Thanks All Creators
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Postby alucard01 » 27. February 2006 09:12

1. Your hosting company may already provide AMP solution, so adding another AMPP may not be allowed.
2. You have to configure the httpd.conf file of apache. Go search google or here in this forum there is a tutorial on how to config multi-site access.
3. To make a name server, you can search in for details, they provide free DNS server software.
4. To add domain in server, do config in BOTH DNS and web server. Again, go and search for this.
5/6. Search the web for info.

Hope it helps.
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