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Should XAMPP include ColdFusion?

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New Feature Request

Postby 9100107 » 26. February 2006 02:52

I hope that you can understand this, all I speak is English...
I was wondering if you could please include a ColdFusion system in your next major version of XAMPP. I would really appreciate it, and I am sure that many other people would as well. Whether you will consider it or not, please explain why in a comment. Thank you!
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Postby WorldDrknss » 26. February 2006 10:12

not only that but mod_aspx would be nice also.

CF in its current form does not work with Apache 2.0. My understanding is
there are no plans to have CF work with Apache 2.0. However, CFMX is
supposed to work on top of any J2EE compliant servlet engine. Therefore it
would be possible to use Apache 2.0 with CFMX assuming you pick a servlet
engine that works with Apache 2.0.

thanks guys
keep up the good work
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