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PostPosted: 25. February 2006 10:36
by WorldDrknss
This concerens about Frontpage extensions, I was reading that "mod_dav" supports frontpage extensions, I stumbled accross this:

Should I Use DAV or FrontPage Extensions?
Microsoft itself seems to be moving away from the FrontPage protocol and favoring the DAV protocol. In addition, FrontPage extensions for Unix are regarded as highly insecure because they require running certain parts with root user privileges. This means that if the Web server is compromised, the attacker automatically gains complete control over the machine. Even with those drawbacks, FrontPage remains one of the most popular Apache modules, running in nearly 20% of all Apache 1.3 servers.

DAV enables you to take advantage of all the other Apache and HTTP protocol features, such as SSL, caching, authentication mechanisms, and so on.

So, unless you need to support older clients that understand only the FrontPage protocol, using mod_dav is likely the better choice

Source: ... 1&seqNum=7

I did some reasearching on this and it seems to be working with frontpage 200 and higher.

But I would like you opinion on this

Mod_DAV website: