Error msg in phpmyadmin!

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Error msg in phpmyadmin!

Postby PureEviL » 21. February 2006 18:30

I have used WebServ for a time,but today i discovered XAMPP,and it seems to rock :D But i got a error message in usually when i reinstall my webserver,i did a backup on my database & htdocs,installed XAMPP,copied data inte XAMPP,but when i try to acces the databases,i got this error message on most of my old databases:
Code: Select all
#1017 - Can't find file: 'admins' (errno: 2)
Im not an expert on web-stuff etc,only know the basics for setting upp websites,thats why i use all-in-one webservers like your XAMPP,very very good for beginners,so please please can anyone help me out with this,cause i think XAMPP seems to be more user-friendly then webserv,so i dont whant to go back to it if not nesesery :)
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Postby Wiedmann » 21. February 2006 19:05

Your old server have the same MySQL version as the server from XAMPP?

Binary copy of databases are only good between the same mayor version. (4.x -> 4.x and 5.x -> 5.x). Yo should make a sql backup and then a restore.
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Postby PureEviL » 21. February 2006 19:25

Ohhh maybe thats the problem yes! :D Heres the versions i used in webserv:
- Upgraded to adodb-4.63
- Upgraded to apache-2.0.54
- Upgraded to mod_security-1.8.7
- Upgraded to mod_perl-2.0.0-RC2
- Upgraded to MyODBC-3.51.11
- Upgraded to mysql-4.1.12
- Upgraded to MySQL-Administrator-1.0.20
- Upgraded to openssl-0.9.7g
- Upgraded to php-5.0.4
- Upgraded to phpmyadmin-2.6.2-pl1
- Upgraded to phpMyBackupPro-1.6
- Upgraded to Smarty-2.6.9

Is there a way i can convert/compille the datas to fit for the new mysq version? :roll:
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