XAMPP suddenly died outside LAN

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XAMPP suddenly died outside LAN

Postby Glorfindel(RW) » 18. February 2006 00:17

I have run XAMPP for at least a year or two now with no problems. The installer and packaging saves a very large ammount of time, and still allows you to customize as much as you want... I love it. Two days ago, however, I encountered a problem which I can't seem to fix... I suddenly lost the ability to connect from ouside the LAN.

Port 80 is forwarded. SBC Yahoo does not seem to block port 80 either.
I use two different dynamic IP DNS services (no-ip.com and homeip.net).
My router is a Linksys WRT54G.

All other services on the server work perfectly (such as Teamspeak).

I can access the server by its LAN address ( but outside users cannot access it. I also cannot access it by the URL version (http://glor.homeip.net).

The server had worked perfectly up until this point and no changes have been made to that PC for months... I didn't even have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse on it. I simply used VNC to restart if need arises.

I checked all the computers on the network with Sysinternals TCPView program. The only program listening on port 80 on the entire network was the apache.

I reinstalled XAMPP to the latest version, and the problem remains.

The windows firewall is disabled, and there is a port 80 exeption there too, just in case. :P

Does anybody have a clue as to what could have caused my port 80 to stop forwarding correctly, or how I might further diagnose the problem?
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Postby Glorfindel(RW) » 18. February 2006 03:19

Nevermind... my router sucks....

I forwarded port 80 on 3 of the 10 provided slots out of frusteration, and now it works.... :roll:


I hate you, linksys!!!
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