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Fatal Error with PHPBB2 board

PostPosted: 15. February 2006 12:15
by killerB
hi, been trying to run a torrent tracker with intergrated phpbb2 board on localhost but when i click the link for the forum it returns this error message
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class config in C:\xampp\xampp\php\pear\Config.php on line 43

this is using PHP version 4 as 5 was giving me a 404 page, did a search but the only threads were in german and did not translate to well :D


PostPosted: 16. February 2006 14:05
by killerB
ok sorted... only effects peeps using Xampp 1.5.1

in phpbb2.php
Code: define('IN_PORTAL', true);

Code: define('IN_PORTAL', true);
include "./phpBB2/config.php";

Thanks to Drumicube at :D