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Perl with the newest beta?

PostPosted: 15. February 2006 06:41
by Archigos
I installed the newest beta and it's running fine.

Problem is, I'm trying to configure something on my "real" server that requires perl and has to be done at the command line and I don't have access to it.

I wanted to run the the configuration in my local copy of Xampp so that it will create the config files I need and just upload them. I downloaded the Perl add-on, yet when I go to run it I get an error saying that it can't find my install then exits.

I haven't looked into installing perl by hand and was hoping that there was a way to get this working without too much trouble.

PostPosted: 15. February 2006 12:15
by Wiedmann
1st, I never tried the Perl add-on...

IMHO the ZIP version (not the installer) of the add-on could work with the beta.