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Xampp Backup + Other Q

Postby mophsy » 04. February 2006 10:25


First i want to thanks to developers for this product and whis them to keep going and best luck in their work.

Now here is my questions:

1. I ususly install Xampp in Drive D cause sometimes i reinstall Windows and i dont want to loose all my test sites. The problem that i have:

When i put a fresh windows and restart Xampp from CPanel MySQL cause some problems: is starting and imediatelly is closing as if the port is using is allready used by another program. I checked ZAlarm amd i found nothing wrong there. The problem sometimes moves to Apache, but this i can handle it: i found that sometimes it interacts with Yahoo Messenger and/or Trillian and it can't start cause these programs are using the port 80.

I order to solve my problem can anyone tell me is any extra file that i should backup in order to preserve the good functionality of Xampp?

Second Question

As you know, to be secured you have to put password for directory and MySQL. Everything is ok so far, BUT i have noticed something:

In order not to give my clients my IP to access their websites that i'm working i made an account on : www.no-ip.org The problem is that somehow this dinamic DNS is bypassing the protection of Xampp. EX:

http://put-ip-here/ --> is ok
http://whatever.no-ip.org/ --> is poining directly to htdocs/xampp

I found how to trick this one:

in index.php in root we have :

Code: Select all
   if (!empty($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && ('on' == $_SERVER['HTTPS'])) {
      $uri = 'https://';
   } else {
      $uri = 'http://';
   $uri .= $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
   header('Location: '.$uri.'/xampp/');

so... i made a directory "welcome", i put a welcome-page and in index.php i pointed to that directory so it solved, but the idea of bypassing the security that i inserted (password directory) is not good.

I told you this in order to do something with this, maybe not all the people know to change that index.php to point to another directory.

That's it! :) But can you help me with backup?

Thanks in advanced.
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