existing MySQL install problem stopping xampp install

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existing MySQL install problem stopping xampp install

Postby jamble » 02. February 2006 11:17

I just installed xampp and I've been very impressed but I wonder if anyone can help me out.

I had a previous version of MySQL installed on a hard drive that I've removed (it was damaged) but when I click to activate/install MySQL through xampp, it tells me there's an existing MySQL install on my machine and therefore won't install.

I am guessing there is a config/setup file somewhere that I can edit but I don't know what it would be called or where it might be so that I can remove the reference to MySQL on the old hard drive so the new one from xampp will install.

Could anyone tell me where this file might be?

Many thanks
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Postby SeanO » 09. February 2006 04:34

Sounds like you have MySQL running as an autostart service. Disable that and you should be able to add the new MySQL.
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