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Forums Email Error

Postby Adam Harper » 01. February 2006 12:32

When i set up a forums on xampp it works fine but when users sign up they get this error

Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 234
File : emailer.php

Even if i set it to no email activation. that error comes up after the user makes the accout. But the user is still able to log into the accout they made if its set to no email activation.

But when i set it to email activation the user still gets that error when making an account, but the email is not sent to them for them to activate there account so there account is not accessible

How do i go about in ficing this error? so even if i set it to no email activation the user gets a "Your account has been made you can no log in" or if i set it to an email activation the user gets a msg "Your account has been made please check your email for activation info"

Adam Harper
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Postby alucard01 » 01. February 2006 17:25

what is the name of this forum? Are there any chance to ask this question on that forum?
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Postby Adam Harper » 02. February 2006 04:42

What do you mean? what has that got to do with my issue? its a clan forum for my clan like to keep the board private to clan members only

and its a phpBB forum hosted on my computer behind a router with XAMPP

i have configured my router to work so others are able to view forums and website they can view them but just the email thingy is not being sent to the users.
Adam Harper
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Postby alucard01 » 02. February 2006 16:56

Ar.. very sorry for my bad english.

what I mean is, this seems to be a phpBB error code and not about XAMPP. So you can try to ask this question in phpBB forum.

This error code seems to show that emailer.php line 234 got an error. So you can search for this for more information.

Sorry again for my bad english and pls forgive me if I make any mistake.

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Postby sthosting » 03. February 2006 07:43

If you are not on port 80 or or ISP may block the email ports i have the same problem you are having .. i sugeest if you cant fix it then go to and download the no email mod
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Postby WorldDrknss » 03. February 2006 08:58

You can't use php to send emails on a windows machine. You will need to setup your phpbb config to use SMTP and have mercury mail configured properly. <--XAMPP Tutorials -- Now with flash tutorials and live support.
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