ctrl+alt+z, xammp and photoshop

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ctrl+alt+z, xammp and photoshop

Postby SoontirFel » 01. February 2006 11:57

Alright apparently XAMMP does something to explorer.exe that makes the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+z open the htdocs folder. All well and good I suppose. Except some of us use Photoshop and that's supposed to be the undo command.

So this morning I went crazy when this stupid "feature" that I was unaware of. The whole annoying thing contributed to one crashing of Photoshop and the loss of a bit of work.

I'm sure it's explore.exe because Photoshop works normally and the folder doesn' open and I'm sure it's xammp because what else what set the htdocs folder to open.

Does anyone know how to fix this, or edit explorer.exe keyboard short-cuts/hot keys?

I like XAMMP and I'd really rather not have to uninstall it because of this nonsense plus it would be super annoying to have to set up apache and php and such AGAIN, manually.

What's doub;ey annoying is that xammp isn't even on anyway whatsoever, it just goes about editing things in explorer.exe all willy nilly :evil: it's not cool.
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Postby Wiedmann » 01. February 2006 12:07

Does anyone know how to fix this keyboard short-cuts/hot keys?

This is defined in one of the XAMPP start menu links.
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Postby SoontirFel » 01. February 2006 12:11

Super, thanks a lot.
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