Accessing web pages remotely

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Accessing web pages remotely

Postby lcaselyhayford » 31. January 2006 16:48

Hi Everyone!

I have successfully installed apache, mysql and php using XAMPP and have the web server installed and running locally.

I have a web application running on the server with an html front end a php backend. I am able to view my web application locally but cannot access it remotely.

I am confused as to how I access the server remotely. :cry:
How do u access pages remotely using XAMPP?

Could anyone help please.

Thank you very much.

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Postby Hades » 01. February 2006 06:57

To see your pages on the Internet, you will need to know what your IP address is on the Internet. One way to find out what your IP address, go to

If you have a broadband router, you will need to open TCP port 80, and map it to the IP address of the local machine running XAMPP. Go to this site for help

I hope this helps.
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Got it workin thanks

Postby lcaselyhayford » 01. February 2006 10:21


Got it working with my IP address.

Thanks for the help.

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