What am im doing wrong ?

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What am im doing wrong ?

Postby InoculateIT » 31. January 2006 10:48

Hi all

I have now been trying to setup apache to work with port 8080 for 2 weeks now, but still no luck :cry:

I have made a URL forward to port 8080.

I want xamp to run together with IIS

I want IIS to run at port 80 and apache on port 8080.

everything is setup in router to point to the apache machine.
If i turn off apache and try IIS on same machine, with port 8080 it works.
If i turn off IIS and turn on apache to 8080, outside users go to port 80 on the other machine and not to apache machine port 8080 :cry:

Something is missing in setting somewhere in apache :?

I set listen to 8080

i tried machinename: *.8080 and internalip:8080 and domain:8080

vhost i set everything to 8080 to :cry:
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Postby alucard01 » 01. February 2006 17:19

you may miss the LAN card firewall properties.

Try to double click your connection icon, go to properties > advance > setting > in windows firewall properties setting, click tag "exception", and see if you have already added port 8080 to be allowed.

Hope it helps.
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