Problem when converting to Apache 2.2.0

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Problem when converting to Apache 2.2.0

Postby -tomj- » 30. January 2006 15:54


I have been using the previous version of XAMPP. In my http.conf file I had made some modifications, to access my various subsites easily:
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Alias /litz "C:\Documents and Settings\Tom\My Documents\My
<Directory "C:\Documents and Settings\Tom\My Documents\My
    AllowOverride None
   Order allow,deny
   Allow from all
This would allow me to type http://localhost/Litz to see the files that are stored locally in C:\Documents and Settings\Tom\My Documents\My
As I wanted to personalise the 2.2.0 version httpd.conf , I went looking for the corresponing section, but I couldn't find it.
I did find a statement saying
Code: Select all
# User home directories
Include conf / extra / httpd - userdir . conf
Can anyone please tell me
  • Is this the section to mention a user directory?
  • Can I use the same syntax as before?
  • Is the information for this new Apache version up-to-date, i.e. does it contain more info on this subject?
  • Where can I find information on this Apache version?
Thx for any help
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Postby Wiedmann » 30. January 2006 17:01

Where can I find information on this Apache version?

All infos you can find in the Apache manual, like for the older version.
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