some glitches

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some glitches

Postby soar747 » 30. January 2006 15:48

The security page returns Error 500 when I try to go into it. FileZilla can't connect to the server upon startup. Also, I'm not using a DNS or domain, so people can easily view the xampp config pages when they type my IP address in and hit enter. Is there a way to fix these problems?
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Postby alucard01 » 01. February 2006 17:23

A foolish but work example:

To make other not directly access your XAMPP welcome page, just rename the /xampp/htdocs/xampp folder...

I am not kidding, it is the simplest way to enable security. And I have already did that.

Only you, who know the directory real name, can access the xampp welcome page.

And I assume you have already known how to secure your phpmyadmin and mecury etc..

Hope it helps.
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