port 80 blocked

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port 80 blocked

Postby wood1e » 28. January 2006 18:42

Hi, I have just installed XAMPP on my windows 2000 pro machine, and when installing it stated that Apache can't start as port 80 is blocked...what does this mean and how do I unblock it?
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Postby KingCrunch » 28. January 2006 20:48

You need to know which program block that port. There is a script (portcheck.bat or someone like that) to find out. Then you need to stop that programm, that block the port
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Postby sthosting » 29. January 2006 04:11

Make sure your firewall isn't blocking port 80 . also 80% of ISP blocks port 80 and 21 for security.
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Postby wood1e » 29. January 2006 08:34

Hi I have open up the XAMPP control panel and apache is now running...along with mySQL and filezilla not that I need that package as I have got smart FTP already....lol so evrythign should be ok? stupid question...but taken soo long to get any of this PHP/MySQL working...:)
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