FAQ errors concerning XAMPP path

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FAQ errors concerning XAMPP path

Postby armistej » 24. January 2006 02:36

The FAQ needs to be revised. Older XAMPP releases that went into C:\XAMPP were OK, but now XAMPP installs into C:\Program files\apachefriends\xampp tree.

A lot of the FAQ answers still refer to \XAMPP

In "Where I change the start page ?" it says


which is OK

but in many other places, e.g. "There are three "php.ini". Which is now the correct one?" it still says "\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini" which is no longer correct.

I got tricked by this because I used to have XAMPP 1.4.x installed, and now I'm playing with XAMPP 1.5.x where it's all under C:\Program Files\apachefriends\xampp


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