how to export my database 'source files'

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how to export my database 'source files'

Postby flaskvacuum » 19. January 2006 09:16

i am still figuring out how should i export out or saved my database from using xampp.

I am development my project from office and home. I started off working in the office but didn't know what should i do so that i am working on the same database + all those tables i have created in the office together with my others .html files.

Please further advice a newbie of xampp.
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Postby flaskvacuum » 01. February 2006 03:24

right, mange to solve my own problem.

all i have to do is, go to the particular database i wanted and export them out. Remeber to check on , saved as a file. After sucessfully exporting them, you will see a .sql text files.

In another system where u want the same database, select the database u wana import into and click on sql Query window and from there click on import the .sql text files. There done u have ur database on any system you wana.

Hope it helps many of you who need to work on both offices and home base!
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another problem with export

Postby jsdev » 11. February 2006 10:56

I installed XAMPP (version ) a few months ago, the going is smooth except for a few things:
the MySQL that comes with my XAMPP is 4.1.13. It seems to not support transactions/commit/rollback.
When I try to do an export of the data via phpMyAdmin (version 2.6.3-pl1) , it does so succesfully, but for the create table statements, it appends :
after the closing bracket.
I want the engine to be InnoDB. I have the windows MySQL Administrator Tool (v 1.0.19). I checked the box which says Support InnoDB under Server features under Configure Service tab under Service Control.
Apart from that, my initial scripts by which I load my database, have all got TYPE=INNODB; at the end of create table(). Still it does not support innodb. any clues?
In the data export file created by phpMyAdmin, the order of the tables is wrong . e.g. Table A has column L, Table B has a column M, which references as a froeign key A.L. Yet, the SQL for B comes first and for A after that. So I have to manually change the order everytime I want to reload the database. Any place in phpMyAdmin to tell it to check for foreign key and set the order accordingly?

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Postby SeanO » 11. February 2006 13:00

In phpmyadmin, select your database, then tick a table, then operations, you can change the engine type to innodb at that point.
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