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How does the xampp controll really work? Need details

PostPosted: 18. January 2006 13:47
by Zydeco
Why i'm asking is because i'm trying to run xampp under a strict user account enviroment. Thought i'd write a small guide on securing xamp, apache and mysql after i get this together.

Anyway, i have a xamp installation running under a user account. User accounts are limited and can't run or manage services, install or run legacy applications so it's a requirement for running a webserver "live". Like you'd do it on linux basicly.

Now i've edited the acl rights on the services that xampp creates (apache2, mysql and filezilla) so the user account has permission to start/stop/restart them from the windows service manager (services.msc) or with net.

But i'd also like to use the xampp control panel for people who like that. But i'm not exactly sure how it start/stops the xampp services. It doesn't use net because that works like it should from the command promt.

The error it's getting is "Error: -1".
Could some developer give me some information how the xampp control panel goes about starting and stopping it's services?


PostPosted: 18. January 2006 21:49
by ntsmarkv
Of cource this is done with VB. and the code is called with a shell command

Starts Apache

Stops Apache

call them in button format if you need more direct email me at

I'll be happy to show you more examples