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Postby bill oakley » 18. January 2006 06:30

Would appreciate some asistance thanks.
I do not seem to be able to get mime content type operational.
Running Xampp version 1.5.0-pl1 on a Windows XP platform and get the following error when trying something as simple as
echo mime_content_type('php.gif') . "\n";
Warning: mime_content_type() [function.mime-content-type]: invalid mode 076221. in J:\www\index.php on line 9
php.ini file looks fine with the dll enabled and pointers set:
mime_magic.magicfile = "c:\apachefriends\xampp\php\extras\magic.mime"
mime_magic.debug = On

Also, httpd looks fine with default settings.

Has anyone come accross the same problem?
Better still has anyone got it working on Windows XP?
Thanking you in advance.
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